Customer- Care: Is it really impactful on Service Organizations?


  • Clement Nyaaba Ayambire Bolgatanga Polytechnic



customer care, customer service, service organization, bank, profitability


Purpose: The purpose of the study is to investigate the impact of customer care on the profitability of service firms in the Banking Sector in Ghana.

Design/Methodology: The study adopted a mixed method approach to establish whether or not customer care program has had any impact on the operations of service organizations; where the moment of truth encounter is highly evident. An interview guide and a questionnaire were used to interview the bank manager and the customer relationship officer of Bongo Rural Bank Ltd and administered the questions on two hundred and fifty (250) customers including eight (8) employees of the bank. The books of the bank were also examined to assess the number of people who had benefited from the bank’s loan scheme.

Findings: The study found that the bank was doing an excellent work since almost all the customers were satisfied with the services of the bank; and the attitudes of its employees. The satisfied customers recommended the bank to others and hence increased the customer base and profitability.

Research Limitation: The research was limited to Bongo Rural Bank Ltd. Though the study was limited to the bank, the findings are applicable to all service financial institutions and non financial institutions in Ghana since the needs of the bank’s customers and the customers of other banks are homogeneous.

Practical Implications: The employees and other important stakeholders of banks think that customer care is the sole responsibility of the marketing department rather than all members of the entire organization. The present study encourages all organizational members to systematically think of the customer in their respective area of service since customers can call on anyone of the firm at anytime.

Originality/Value: The current empirical study makes an original contribution to the extant literature by adding knowledge of customer care in the context of service organizations, where the moment of truth is highly evident.




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