Assessing satisfaction among Islamic Bank Customers’ in Bangladesh


  • Kashrima Nawreen University Malaya
  • Suhaily Shahimi Graduate School of Business, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Islamic Banking, Customer Satisfaction, Trust, Loyalty, Tangible Products, Personnel Service Quality, Compassion, Commitment, Bangladesh.


This study is conducted to assess the level of customer satisfaction in Islamic banks from the context of Bangladesh.  In the process, 300 questionnaires were distributed, and 236 were returned completed.  The results of the questionnaire analysis reveal that there is significant relationship between three of the independent variables, namely- tangible products, personnel service quality and level of commitment to customer satisfaction.  In contrast, level of compassion does not have a significant relationship with customer satisfaction.  The analyses further reveal that the respondents were satisfied with the overall Islamic Banks’ infrastructure operating in Bangladesh, and most of the respondents did not have intentions to switch to the conventional counterparts.  However, the main reason for the account holders to switch to Islamic banks is because they wanted to deal with Shahriah compliant banking.  The analyses also indicate that a significant percentage of the respondents have accounts with both Islamic banks and conventional banks.  The study has suggested that Islamic Banks should enhance Shahriah compliant framework to generate more income, experience speedy growth, and remain sustainable in the long run. 




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Nawreen, K., & Shahimi, S. (2018). Assessing satisfaction among Islamic Bank Customers’ in Bangladesh. International Journal of Management Excellence (ISSN: 2292-1648), 10(3), 1377–1405.